Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Let it Bloom....

Hi folks.... more "playtime" today with this Month’s Creative Expressions Design Team goodies.

I've combined a couple of techniques on today’s project. So, if you fancy giving it or something similar a go, here's a step by step.

I started off by embossing the Creative Expressions Damask Mask onto some Black card stock. The reason I prefer to emboss the Mask rather than just Ink or colour through it will be explained shortly.

Next, I coloured in some areas of the card using Chic Pumpkin Gilding Wax,

followed by Chic Moss Gilding Wax,

a touch of Graceful Mustard Gilding Wax

and finishing off with Pearl Moon Gilding Wax.

I love the effect which has been created using these individual colours. They seem to intermingle yet still hold their own!
Before the next stage, if you remember, dust over the whole area with an Anti-Static Bag. We're going to be adding some Mica Powder and using the Anti-Static Bag helps prevent the Mica sticking to areas you don't really want it to...

Place the Mask back over the original embossing image. I said earlier why I prefer to emboss a Mask if I am going to colour, this is because embossing the card stock brings it up to the level of the Mask. So when you add you colour, either by spritzing, Mica, Embossing Powder etc it is less likely to seep under the Mask and therefore hopefully give you a better result!

So, whilst the Mask is in place, Ink through the open areas with Perfect Medium.

Remove the Mask and add your Mica Powder, I have gone with Chic Moss. Highlighting just the "Damask" images has really made them stand out!

You may then wish to seal the Mica with some Hairspray.

For the sentiment panel I covered the whole piece of card stock with Perfect Medium,

dusting the whole area with the Chic Moss Mica Powder.

Next, Ink up your stamp with Perfect Medium and stamp onto the Mica covered card stock..

As much as the Perfect Medium attracts the Mica Powder to the card stock, it also removes it when used on the stamp, revealing the Black card stock underneath..

Again, this will need to be sealed to prevent the Mica Powder rubbing off.

Then's all left to do is prepare your base card

and apply your sentiment!!
Makes for a pretty opulent card don't you think?
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.

Ingredients used:
Chic Pumpkin Gilding Wax
Chic Moss Gilding Wax
Graceful Mustard Gilding Wax
Pearl Moon Gilding Wax
Chic Moss Mica Powder
Creative Expressions Mask - Damask
Scribble Rose Elements Stamp Set - CEC712


  1. This is certainly a Wowza of a card Andy - fabulous finish.
    Toni xx

  2. What a lovely card Andy. Thanks for sharing. xx

  3. Rose in Chester16 April 2015 at 11:16

    Hi Andy,
    certainly opulent and also very beautiful. I was a bit mistyfied when you started embossing the mat at the start but now it makes sense.
    Have a good day, Rose

  4. Hi Andy

    What a lovely technique, and a very elegant card.


    Tina XX

  5. Love this card and the technique looks like fun, great effect.