Monday, 17 February 2014

A little more prep.....

Hi everyone... Just finishing off a little more prep for Saturday's Die Cutting Demonstration Day here @ Pinnacles....
As I'm sure you are aware Dies are absolutely huge at the moment?! Not necessarily in their size (although some are whoppers!) but in the quantity of the designs and brands which are available. As nice as it would be to have one of everything, I think we'll need to win the lottery to fulfil that requirement!
The purpose of Saturday's demo is to get the most out of the dies which we already have or plan to have in the future...

So, today’s project uses another Die not only as it perhaps was intended to be used (as a Die Cut) but also as a stamp..
Using the same or similar image really ties the project together don't you think? In the past I have often used a Die and thought I need a stamped image to work with it. Now I know there are several companies that produce matching Die and Stamp combo's, but sometimes at considerable cost!! My stamp cost me pennies to make, so I can save the money for,.... erm more Dies I guess!!!
I'll be sharing how to do to this technique at Saturday's demo...
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.

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  1. Great card Andy - really looking forward to the demo on Saturday.

    Toni xx