Friday, 30 August 2013

Hi Folks... On a rare afternoon off recently I managed to catch a techniques programme on C&C. I know, watching crafting on an afternoon off.. Bus Mans Holiday comes to mind!!
But it was a programme with the guys from Splodge Away and I just love what they do with their masks and Inks..
Having always been a fan of inky MESS!!!, (have you seen the state of my fingers?) I was hoping to grab a few ideas!! And boy, they didn't let me down...
So, inspired by one of their projects, I recreated it in my own little way..

Although I haven't had much of a chance to play with my Inks recently, as it's all about the Dies at the moment che Pinnacles. This project has allowed me to amalgamate the two.. I.E, using a Spellbinders Die as a Mask and inking through it to create shadow and tone to the Bauble....
I think I feel a class coming on...
Off the play some more...
Thanks for checking us out.

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  1. LOL - certainly a Bus man's holiday - but the resulting 'play' time has produced a fab card.

    Toni xx