Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lilac Poinsettia...

Hi Guys.. Well, we're here.. It's December! and Christmas is closer than ever... So, if you're like me and just trying to finish off a few special cards here's another one to share with you.. This one is for a very special friend of mine who has recently become a Mum for the first time. So she will hopefully be having one of the best Christmas’s ever! She is a right Purple freak and I try to make her cards with that in mind!! So this year’s Christmas card is no exception!!
The only thing is, I can't quite decide whether to have it either vertical
or horizontal! Which way do you think it looks best? Anyhoo, got a bit of tidying up to do after yesterday's manic start to Club Members Weekend and get the shop ready for the day! Thanks for checking us out and have a great weekend! See you soon. Andy..


  1. Very beautiful and elegant card!!!

  2. Having seen this in the 'flesh', I can say that this is really beautiful. I think either way around Andy is just as lovely.

    I was so pleased to get my poinsettia dies yesterday and I was right to grab the Stamping Gear as I heard a few folk asking Joanne about it - I can have a good old play.

    Toni xx

  3. I love your card and if I were to choose I would prefer it to be horizontal.
    I take great inspiration from all your cards.