Friday, 27 July 2012

Let the games begin....

Today's the day folks.. 7 Years in the planning.. The eyes of the world descend on our great Capital city tonight for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.. I for one will be glued to my plasma screen at 9 O'clock to watch what has been billed as an opening ceremony to match any other (except Beijing 2008!).
Good Luck Team GB.... Today's project has a very, and I do mean very, tenuous Olympic link...
Tenuous in the fact that each of the cards has been made in the colours of the Olympic rings... So we have one in Blue,
and Green
Oh and one for luck in White, just because!....
Pretty simple Crimbo cards and perhaps work better in some colour ways that others, but I just fancied joining in with the Olympic spirit.. Love it or hate it, it's ganna be here for a while... Enjoy the ceremony tonight folks.. Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.. Andy.


  1. They look super Andy (and very effective in real life).

    I'll be settled in front of the TV too - the atmosphere has been building in East London over the past couple of weeks and everything is getting very exciting but there is no way I could deal with all those crowds so I'll be viewing the Games from afar.

    Toni xx

  2. Hi Andy
    The simple ideas are sometimes the best.
    I smiled today watching the Ladies rummaging through the bins, by the till, with these die cuts in.
    Your idea sparked a frenzy.