Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hi Everyone, you know when everything comes at once! and you think you are just not going to get round to finishing everything, and then you do, and then wonder what all the fuss was about!! Well that was me this weekend! I had a friends birthday party, my parents Wedding Anniversary and also a buying trip down to Dorset..
The Birthday party on Saturday was an absolute blast!! Karaoke is not my thing at all, but after a couple of pints of dutch courage I found myself, NO! honestly, not even a GALLON of dutch courage could get me up and singing.. But I did have a boogie, (the old Andy "Two step" has served me well over the years!) and I think I do recall finally giving in and belting out a rendition of 3 lions!! Well, the "World Cup" is only just around the corner and I've got to get some practice in for Saturday's game against the States!!! So, to all of our American followers, Good Luck Guys!! Anyway back to my weekend.It always make me smile that your evening can go from looking like this ...to this in a few short hours!!!LOL.
I hate having to rush a card, especially for a very dear friend, but sometimes, when you know you don't have much time you stop faffing around and thinking to yourself, does this go better here?, or here?, would it look better in this colour? or that?... aarrrgghh just stick it down and get on with it!!! was what I was telling myself...Anyway here is the card I ended up making..
My friend is a complete purple freak! and over the years I have made every single card I have sent her Purple, and this year's was no exception..I started off by cutting out some shapes in Lilac & Green Mirror Card using both the large and medium Martha Stewart Pop Up Water Lily Flower Punch.And layered one of the large Lilac images on top of one of the large Green images.I then added one of the smaller images, cut in Lilac on topAnd finished off the centres with some Lilac Gem Stones.I then layered some smaller flowers on top of each other.Attached the larger flowers to my aperture cardfilling in the spaces with the smaller flowers.Finally attaching 2 larger flowers to a piece of clear thread so that the image was able to spin in the aperture.I'm glad to say that she loved it! Phew!!!It was also my parents 41st Wedding Anniversary on Monday, so I made the same style of card, this time in a dusky Pink.
Also on Monday Jo and I went off on a little buying trip down to Dorset to visit one of our suppliers, Do Crafts.. We all know how great their range of products are and the products we saw which will be coming out very soon are no exception.. So keep an eye out on the website for all the new goodies...
Thanks for checking us out..
See you soon,

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  1. Now they are lovely Andy.

    "3 Lions" and an Andy boogie??? I think we need proof of this event LOL

    Toni :o)