Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day!

Hi Everyone. Did you know that Today is our national day (in England)..? Me either... Shameful!!
We are more likely to celebrate the Irish St Patrick's Day with a few pints of the "Black Stuff" I.E Guinness, or the 4th of July with a BBQ than to celebrate our Englishness..So when asked for some St George's Day invitations by someone who couldn't find anything suitable in the shops, this is what I came up with.I cut out a body image from the Paper Dolls cartridge at 4 1/2" using my Cricut machine. I tend to use the Cricut card stock pack when using the Paper Doll's cartridge as the Pastels set is the only range I find with a decent skin tone shade in it.
I also cut out the body image using the blackout function on Black card and the hair,and then stuck all of the images together.I then cut out the Knight's Armor and helmet, again @ 4 1/2" this time in Silver Mirror card to give a realistic Armor effect. and stuck these ontop of the body image.I then cut out a Dragon from the Pagoda cartridge @ 3". The Dragon image on the Paper Dolls cartridge was a little too cutsie for what I had in mind and the more aggressive looking Dragon on the Pagoda cartridge was going to work much better.I cut two strips of Red Mirror card 1 1/2" wide for my Cross of St George and stuck them to a White piece for card to form the English flag,and then I attached my images.The letters were cut from Plantain Schoolbook @ 1/2" using the shadow function.
So, all the invitations done and sent out, I'm off to the party in my Japanese car and to drink Belgian Beer... Not at the same time I might add.. Japanese car and Belgian Beer, Oh this England eh!!!
Have a great Day.
See you soon.


  1. You did a great job!!! That red is beautiful and provides a great contrast with St. George and that dragon

  2. Shame on you Andy - fancy not knowing our saint's day...tut-tut.

    Still, you redeemed yourself with these fab invites.

    I'm celebrating St George's Day sat at my PC taking part in the start of a weekend of on-line crafting...think I might just manage a bevy or two - can you be held 'drunk in charge of a PC' or 'reckless browsing' LOL

    Happy St George's Day everyone.
    Toni :o)

  3. This is still rather cute Andy, however you look at it but then Paper Dolls is 100% cute. Great idea and very striking, all up to your usual excellent standard.

    Renee x

  4. Well done Andy! a lovely, lovely card. It looks like us English are now starting to celebrate our Englishness, bring it on............even though I'm known as 'French' Lin, I still fly my flag of St George, when I'm there..........and proud to do so! Gonna have to start exploring that Paper Dolls cartridge too! thanks for the inspo .....xxxxx....

  5. That is a great card. Love it!