Monday, 19 October 2009

Pinnacles in print!... again....!

Hi everyone, and how are you today?? If anything like me busy, busy, busy.. But that's fine! I much prefer it that way...

Today I have great pleasure in letting you all know that another one of our creations has made it into print.
The card is featured in Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine issue 64 on sale now from most leading Supermarkets..
You may recall I showed you a sneaky peek way back at the beginning of August, which seems ages ago now, but that was when the magazine requested the sample.. I actually made it in July when it was about 30 degrees outside... It's been a long time coming but I hope you'll agree, worth the wait!!! More commissions to come as well!!! So watch this space...
So, now that the card is winging it's way back to Pinnacle Crafts from the photographers, I thought I'd share the instructions with you on how to make it.

Cut out the Flippin Santa Peace image and put it together, I applied Diamond Stickles to Santa's suit and to the toilet chain, just to add a bit of bling!!!

Take a 12" x 12" piece of glossy White card stock and measure in 3" from the right hand side and make a mark with your embossing tool at the top of the card stock, measure in from the left hand side and make a mark at 3". Repeat this along the bottom edge of the card stock. With a ruler and an embossing tool, join the top and bottom marks together.
Measure 4" down the side of the card on both the right and the left hand sides and make a mark, From the top of the card at 3" cut a line with your craft knife to meet these 4" marks, I.E cutting away the top corner of the card stock.
Using a Guillotine cut 1" from the bottom of the card stock.
Measure down the original 3" scored lines to 8" and make a mark. At these marks score all the way across your card stock. Lastly, cut away the bottom square from the card.

This will leave you with a shape like this...
I wanted a modern looking bathroom for this card so I chose to use some Navy Blue striped paper.
This was cut to fit just inside all of the scored lines. Initially I covered the scores lines but the card would not close properly and the paper just got all creased up!!

I used strips of Black Mirror card to add a skirting board and picture rail...

I then cut out 1" squares from my Cricut Machine or you could use a 1" square punch.

I wanted a tiled effect for the floor and the "waste" from this cut fit's the bill perfectly. This is also the reason I used White glossy card stock.. I love the effect that you can see Santa's reflection in the floor.. Cool eh!!

I also used the 1" squares for the window frames, attaching them to some wintry scene backing paper...

I'm really proud of this card and appreciate all the comments we have had on it so far, even the editor gave us a call to tell us how much she liked it!!!

Oh, nearly forgot.. It folds down to go easily into an A5 envelope so there's no need to make a tricky box...

Thanks for checking us out, see you soon...


  1. That is such an awesome card! Congrats on the magazine spread. Someday I hope to make cards as nice as that one.

  2. Congratulations once again Pinnacles on getting in print & well done Andy for yet another fabulous card, always intrigued to see the next one you come up with!!

  3. Well done for getting into print again. Thanks for a fantastic step by step tutorial. You are just too clever for words.

  4. Congrats Andy...well done in getting published again...such a fun card.

    (Got my copy of "Simply" issue 64 and can't find you...sob!!!)

    Toni :o)

  5. Don't think Santa will be too pleased that you are sharing one of his, "Contemplative", moments with the world but lots of Congrats for getting such a great idea in print.
    Are you celeb enough to sign copies ? LOL!
    Seriously, a brilliant idea, beautifully executed- Well done Andy!

  6. Congratulations on having such a wonderful card published. If only I had enough time to make such a card, but the day job gets in the way and there are just not enough hours in the day for me to spend on crafting:-)

  7. Just think of the faces of the people who are lucky enough to get a card like this in the mail ! I would love to see them.Great job great card .Congrats !

  8. Hi Andy

    Congratulations you ole devil. another certificate for the wall. The place will need to be extended at rate your going.

    Will try the card out but you know me with measurements ROFL.

    See ya all soon xx

  9. Woww!! what a lot of comments-it's great.Perhaps it was the prize of winning it got everyone stirred!!! I commented the first time that I loved it,so it is great that it is now in glossy and congrats. Becky-bex

  10. Joan.P. Cogratulations, I will look out for the magazine, doubt if my attempt would be as good as yours. See you soon. Happy Crafting

  11. Congratulations Andie agreat card the best by far in the magazine .keeping on Crafting Gina R.

  12. Doh!!! **holds hands up and admits to being a dummy**

    Found you - forgot there was a supplement this month...have had the main mag thumbed through from cover to cover an untold number of times LOL

    Toni :o)

  13. Fan dabby dozy Andy.... Always good to have your name in print, and so very well deserved, your patience and skill paid off Super Fab Card
    Wendy x

  14. Thanks for sharing your card, it made me laugh!
    I just found your blog through the Cricut MB and will be back to see more of your work soon.
    ps congrats on being published

  15. Now that is a man's Christmas Card. Love it!

  16. What a wonderful card! Congratulations on being published! :)

  17. OMG! This card is just tooooo cute!! Would love to see the look on peoples faces when they received this! LOL

    Thank you for the instructions, I may have to give this one a try!! :)

    You are very talented!!
    TFS!!! :)

  18. Wahooooo!! Toldya I wanted your Autograph the first time you were in print. Hope you sign this one before giving it away!! Before we know it you'll be a celeb and demo'ing on TV!!!! and Pinnacle Crafts will be famous ( or is that infamous!!!)

    Yep! your peace is over I'm back, sorreee!!!!

    Well done Andy Loved this one from the first time I saw it. Seeya soon.

    Renee xxxx

  19. I just saw this for the first time and I have to say THANK YOU! My mother would have loved this card. We used to hang a picture of Santa, who was stuck in the chimney, in our bathroom every year at Christmas. This card would have made her giggle for hours if not days. Thanks for bringing back good memories.
    Not to belittle this next comment: YOU DO GREAT WORK ON ALL YOUR CREATIONS. Thanks for the inspirations and guidance.