Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Game On, or is it Game Over??

Hi Everyone... Today's project is a stunner!! No other words for it, it's a 10 out of 10.
Pauline's lesson this week is game cards. Now this could have been a number of things but what she has come up with is truly exceptional I think..
Taking a simple game idea, which we have all probably had a play with at some point, and making a card out of it was a stroke of genius..
The idea of the card is to roll the beads in the holes created in the card. We used a Cropadile, but any Eyelet Tool would do the job also.
Depending on your theme, the ideas are endless and ideal for Men's, Kids or any occasion to be honest.
If you can imagine making a shaker card then this really is no different, you just need to make a sealed box to fit onto the front of your card..
I think this one of a Pool/Snooker table is so clever..
Anyone for a round of Golf?
See I said it was a 10/10 project. It will keep the recipient occupied for ages and make your card stand out from all the rest... Game Over, never!! Game on I reckon..
Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.


  1. love it,love it,love it !!!! What a fantastic idea. Well done! it will be great for childrens cards too. Where is the top stamp from ? and save me 1 for Friday. thanks Becky-bex

  2. Yes, just made one in class today. One of your best yet Pauline, have so many ideas of ways to use this .. just have to find the time!! Well done for a new and interesting idea. Thoroughly enjoyable class too, even though I didn't listen properly ... yet again!!! XX

  3. What a fun idea - I can see these being very popular with folk who have lots of kids to provide cards for.

    Toni :o)